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Product Details

Dynamic SiteStats Cost Retrieval - A real time web site statistics analysis system tracks online marketing performance, calculate the ROI of your paid search campaigns(PPC) for each distinct keyword. Cut your marketing costs while increasing revenue.

»  Where are web visitors coming from?
»  Which keywords are they searching for?
»  What is your conversion rate?
»  Which PPC campaign generate more sales?


»  Get 100s of real time reports
»  No software to install
»  Access your reports anywhere using a simple web browser
»  Improve marketing effectiveness
»  Improve conversion success
»  Track CPC search engines or any other marketing campaigns
»  Recognize trends
»  Manage multiple sites
»  Track downloads & exit links
»  Drill down reports
»  Schedule E-mail Reports
»  Grant access to your colleagues or clients
Feature Highlights

»  Analyze visit paths in real time - Analyze how your visitors navigate through your site page by page, which files they download and where they exit your site in real time!
»  Improve the Bounce Rate of your site - Analyze which landing pages or campaigns turn visitors into browsers and the percentage of visitors who exit their site without getting deeper
»  Analyze Conversion Rates
Analyze the source of customer acquisition, which landing pages or advertising campaigns turn visitors into buyers or customers. Analyze the source of your revenue and more...


I extensively researched your competitors and tried their demos as well. Your service is far superior. I tested your data against our own page counters simultaneously, then tested multiple machines and isp's for accuracy, and I was completely blown away. Your data is accurate to a level that's almost scary. My clients love the data, and they are completely amazed as well. This is going to make a big difference in how we plan future content for our clients sites.

Eric Pontbriand
Media Infocus USA

PPC campaigns

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Dynamic Site Stats is a Web Site Statistics Analysis Service and Real Time Visitor Tracking System:
Dynamic site stats offers website statistics and tracking code which monitores website traffic in real-time
and generate traffic report automatically, setup FREE trial account now!

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