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Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percntage of web site visitors who arrive at the web site (Entry), then leave without getting any deeper into the site (Bounce).

Analyze the effectiveness of your entry pages

The first step to turn visitors into browsers
Bounce rate is an important metric, one all internet marketers should know about their e-businesses off the top of their heads. The rate should be a part of the marketing plan as well, normally as an objective accompanied by appropriate strategies and tactics designed to reduce the rate to an acceptable level. Once the bounce rate has been reduced to a consistent acceptable level, then efforts can be concentrated against increasing the buy and/or browse rate.
Save time and money by finding out whether you are attracting the wrong prospect to the site
Identify inefficiency of home page layout & design, e-merchandising techniques, copywriting, content, customer services, etc.
Analyze marketing campaigns by defining unique entry pages or parameters for each campaign
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