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Dynamic Site Stats E-Business Edition

Does your website convert?

With Dynamic SiteStats E-Business edition, you can define and track visitor actions that have value to your business. If you’re running an e-commerce site, that action might be a sale. Perhaps you want to track subscriptions to your email newsletter. Or sales leads submitted through a web form. Or all of the above.

By defining and tracking your most desired actions, you can learn how to optimize those actions. For example, you can measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign by identifying and tracking those visitors that actually make a purchase. Or you can increase your newsletter subscriptions by troubleshooting the path your visitors take to the subscription page.

Dynamic SiteStats E-Business includes all the features of the Premium edition, as well these advanced features:

Advanced Campaign Management

Measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns, including CPC, CPM and CPA cost models. You can define hierarchical categories to organize your report display (for example: paid search, vendor, keyword group).

Cost Retrieval (optional)

Measure the ROI of your paid search campaigns, keyword by keyword. CPC Cost Retrieval pulls together dynamic price information from the leading PPC search engines with the revenue earned on your website. Included as a standard feature of Dynamic SiteStats Enterprise, Cost Retrieval is also available as an optional plug-in to Dynamic SiteStats E-Business.

Sales Summary Report

Identify sales trends, peak sales hour and seasons. This report summarizes your website sales by the hour, day or month, listing the revenue earned during that period as well as the average order size.

Scenario Analysis

Troubleshoot your most popular paths to sale, and reduce shopping cart abandonment. Analyze the steps your visitors take through any multi-step process, for example a purchase or a form submission. Redefine your process and the changes apply to historical data, too.

Path Explorer (optional)

Study the profitability of your website links—by viewing and navigating the pages of your site. Path Explorer is a downloadable plug-in to Internet Explorer 5.5, and higher, and superimposes link performance directly on the web page.

Organic Search Report

Identify which search phrases are drawing free search engine traffic to your website. Drill down to learn which specific pages attract these visitors, and where they proceed from these entry points. Identify which free search phrases bring you paying customers, and then consider purchasing paid search traffic with these keywords.

Path Analysis

Path Analysis shows you the most popular navigation paths to or from a given web page. You can use this information to improve website navigation and help your visitors better reach their goals. You can reach Path Analysis reports as a drill down from many other types of page analysis reports.

Referrers Report

Learn which website and pages send you traffic. Drill down to discover the paths these visitors commonly take through your website, for clues about their interests and needs. Identify which sites send you performing traffic – in terms of sales, member registrations, newsletter subscriptions or any metric you define.

Bounce Rate Report

How many visitors arrive at your website, but fail to click beyond the first page? Examine your bounce rate report to identify those pages that are turning away visitors, and take action to improve these pages. Dynamic SiteStats was the first Web Analytics company to measure bounce rates.

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