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Which edition is right for you?

Which Dynamic SiteStats edition you choose depends on the goals you set for your business. Compare and select the Dynamic SiteStats edition that best suits your needs.

Features Enterprise E-Business
Ad-hoc scenarios
Custom Alerts
Custom Fields ( by request)
Custom Reporting
Event Management
Executive Dashboards
Path Explorer (Visual Overlay)
Real-time Segmentation
Revenue Participation Reporting
Report Note
Action / Revenue Tracking
Advanced campaign management
Organize Bookmark to Folder
Internal campaign
Advanced Path Analysis
AskIT- The IndexTools Tutor
Bounce rate analysis
Comparative reporting
Order Reconciliation
Cost of good sold
Prefilter (cross reference)
Conversion Analysis
Color coding (threshold)
Cross-sell Reporting
Document groups
Download tracking
Drilldown and drill through functionality
Exclude own visits
Exit link tracking
Flash tracking
First party cookie
Geo-segmentation advanced
Geo-segmentation basic
Member ID tracking
Merchandise reporting
Multi-level content grouping
Multi site roll up
Multiple currency support
Scenario Analysis
Scheduled email reports
Search engine marketing reports
Secure content tracking (SSL)
Traffic Reporting
Trend reporting
User access management
Unicode (by request)
Visual Path Analysis
  Enterprise E-Business
Monthly traffic allowance
(in thousand page views)*
500K 1M 2M 100K
Basic monthly subscription $299.00 $529.00 $999.00 $55.95
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* If you expect your monthly traffic to exceed these limits, please contact us for a bulk discount
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Dynamic Site Stats is a Web Site Statistics Analysis Service and Real Time Visitor Tracking System and Services:
Dynamic site stats offers website statistics and tracking code which monitores website traffic in real-time
and generate traffic report automatically, setup FREE trial account now!

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