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Technology Overview

Dynamic SiteStats uses a sophisticated, browser-based, tracking system to identify and track visitors through your website. With this system, Dynamic SiteStats is able to identify details about your website visitors, where visitors go in your website, and what they do while in the website.

To install Dynamic SiteStats, you add a JavaScript tracking code to each web page you wish to track, and upload a JavaScript include file to your web server. Dynamic SiteStats generates a unique JavaScript tracking code and JavaScript include file for each project.

How Dynamic SiteStats works:
  1. A visitor loads a web page, which contains the Dynamic SiteStats tracking script;
  2. The tracking script gathers data about the web page and visitor and forwards this information to the Dynamic SiteStats Data Center. Our application servers process this data and archive it in a central database;
  3. You log in to Dynamic SiteStats using a web browser and view your web performance reports in real-time.

Serving even the highest volume websites

Dynamic SiteStats operates on a proprietary database backend, custom-designed for websites generating upwards of one hundred million page views per month. This technology allows us to comfortably serve even the most demanding, high volume clients.

On-demand tracking and reporting

Dynamic SiteStats is an on-demand service, which means our servers perform all the tracking, data processing and reporting in real time Ė unlike conventional logfile analysis softwares which cannot. An additional advantage is you can log in and access your Dynamic SiteStats reports from anywhere using a web browser.

No software to download, no upgrades

Since Dynamic SiteStats is remotely hosted, there is no software to download or install. This means no wasted time setting up, maintaining or analyzing complex log files required by other web analytics services. Simply add our JavaScript tracking code to each page you wish to track. You donít need to hire additional staff to analyze log files or run software applications, because Dynamic SiteStats does the work for you.

If you would like to learn more about how Dynamic SiteStats differs from other web analytics solutions, we invite you to read our white paper: Dynamic SiteStats vs Log File Analysis.

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